Craftsman & Ridgid Replacement Filter & Adapter Kit, Part # 17816




This filter adapter kit will fit most Sears Craftsman® Vacs that use the part number 17816 and do not have a filter plate and wing nut. Requirement is to purchase a filter, black filter cap and rubber grommet. The Filter Dim. Are: 8 1/8 high, I D is 4 3/8″ O D 6 1/2″  The Blackcap and rubber grommet is a requirement and a onetime purchase for this brand only. The cap when assembled to the filter low side down fits the Craftsman® brand.

On craftsman models that do not have the filter plate and wing nut, the adapter kit with the black filter plate and rubber grommet would be used.

  1. On craftsman models using the filter plate and rubber grommet.
  2. Place black filter cap on one end of filter and guide over the filter cage.
  3. Place rubber grommet over the ball and press down to secure grommet over the ball.


*This product is manufactured by KOPACH FILTERS, LLC. This is not a product of, or is it sponsored or endorsed by, Craftsman®. The Craftsman® name is a registered trademarks.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.50 × 7.50 × 10.00 in



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