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Mission Statement

fitler-selling-pic.jpgK&P Enterprise was our foundation for the creation of KoPach Filter. During our monthly meeting the discussion of building a filter-pleating machine was tabled for review. As work was assigned to develop costs associated with this undertaking we finally came to the decision to go forward with this project.

When time permitted outside the tooling work from local industries we started to design and build parts for the filter machine. Soon thereafter the structure begin to immerge as parts were being fitted to the base frame.

As time went on and purchases of other required equipment to manufacture filters were fitted to the process we finally had all the pieces in place. Once the process was qualified and alterations were made to produce filters we now realized that our venture was complete and filters were ready for sale.

Our goal is to try and gain some market share in filter manufacturing, create jobs for our community and support our local state government!

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